HOOPS Web Platform FAQ's

Topic Replies Activity
Can I use this for edit workflows – or is it limited to View and Markup? 1 July 3, 2019
What are the largest files you can view? 1 July 3, 2019
What components does Tech Soft 3D provide to help implement the server application? 1 July 3, 2019
How many servers do you require to provide the web services using Tech Soft 3D components? 1 July 3, 2019
What sort of data do I have access to? Or is it just visualization? 1 July 3, 2019
What security features does HOOPS Communicator have? 1 July 3, 2019
In HOOPS Communicator we have a section called "Modules" and a section called "Classes". What is the difference between a class and a module? 1 July 3, 2019
Is there collision detection built into HOOPS Communicator? 1 July 3, 2019
Can I use it for on-premise, use internally without connecting to the cloud? 1 July 3, 2019
Does the system support animation? 1 July 3, 2019
How does HOOPS Web Platform compare to three.js? 1 July 3, 2019
Does Tech Soft 3D provide hosting services? 1 July 3, 2019
Is it possible to change the look and feel of the Viewer? 1 July 3, 2019
Client-Side Rendering VS. Server-Side Rendering 1 July 3, 2019

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