HOOPS Server

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I’m trying SSR and it’s not working. I see a message similar to: warning: SMAA disabled due to GL error: GL_INVALID_VALUE GL_INVALID_VALUE GL_INVALID_VALUE GL_INVALID_VALUE GL_INVALID_VALUE 1 July 3, 2019
I’ve setup HOOPS Communicator on AWS and I can access the viewer from within the machine, but I can’t access my application from outside the machine. What should I do? 1 July 3, 2019
How many concurrent users can use a standard AWS server on both SSR and CSR? For say a standard model? 1 July 3, 2019
I’m trying to start the viewer and load an SCS file from Amazon S3 and it’s not working. What’s wrong? 1 July 3, 2019
What does the "BAD_STREAM_VERSION" message in the Communicator server logs mean? 1 July 3, 2019
I’m seeing an error similar to this in one of the Communicator sever logs: <OPEN_MODEL_FAILED reason="BAD_STREAM_VERSION" expected="66" actual="59"> 1 July 3, 2019

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