Feature Voting April 2024 - Get your voice heard!

Hello developers,

First, thank you all for participating in last year’s feature voting. Your feedback has been invaluable, and I’m excited to share our progress on last year’s top-voted features. Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished on those features since then:

HOOPS Exchange: Inventor Improvements
We’ve made the following improvements to our Inventor support: supporting suppressed parts from assemblies, supporting coordinate systems, and supporting materials.

We’re excited to continue to feature voting for 2024! The voting will open with a few adjustments. This year, we’re introducing two voting periods: the first the month of April and the second in September. To enhance transparency and community engagement, we strongly encourage posting all feature suggestions in our forum instead of the support portal during the feature voting period. This allows everyone to vote on and discuss these ideas openly. Feature requests will still be open via our forum after voting closes.

While we strive to incorporate top-voted features, please understand that selection depends on feasibility, strategic fit, and potential impact. We encourage everyone to share their ideas and look forward to your contributions. If you have any questions or need clarification, please comment below.

Thanks for making our Tech Soft 3D community great!

Best regards,
The Tech Soft 3D Team

Hello Gabriel,

For some reason, Luminate topics do not show the Vote button for me.
Is this intended?


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Hey @artur.sochirca – You should have the ability to vote now! :slight_smile:

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