HOOPS Exchange : Additional Support for Sketch Geometry and Data

We use HOOPs Exchange for geometry conversion for a CAD/CAM software and a lot of our users require raw sketch data to be used in various toolpath processes like marking geometry or text on a part. At the moment I believe Sketch Name is not accessible for some formats. We use the name for determining exactly the sketch someone would want to assign a process to. Additionally, some formats do not support raw sketch geometry at all. These would be sketches on the surface of the 3D geometry already present in these files, not base feature sketches.

Does this include geometry that is missing for example in SDHE-12210 and SDHE-12173?

Hello Dakota,
Thanks for posting this feature.
Could you detail the formats you’ve identified where sketch names are not supported?

Hello @andreas.schoenberg,

I think that this feature is more about sketch names, but I think it makes sense to expand it to entities from sketches that might not be supported, like the examples you are mentionning:

  • Missing lines and Spline in 3DXML


Hi Lionel, We don’t use every single format, but for the ones we use Solid Edge, Inventor, Creo, Rhino, and Catia do not have sketch name support per our records. This could’ve changed and us not notice though, but these were what I had noted from our initial feature review.

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