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HOOPS Visualize: Add API to allow pushing point cloud data directly to the out of core rendering format on disk

When using the Visualize OOC feature, it’s necessary to export cloud data to a format supported by the command line converter and then run the converter to get it into the OOC format on disk. Then that can be loaded and viewed.

This workflow is cumbersome. It would be nice to be able to push the data directly to the OOC format on disk.

HOOPS Exchange: Add support for import and direct representation of extruded/rotated geometry for BIM from IFC files

When importing IFC files with Exchange, if the IFC files have “advanced brep” entities they are imported as Breps. For BIM, there may be extruded/rotated geometry in the IFC. These are not imported. To represent these as breps would be inefficient.

It would be nice to be able to have Exchange import and directly represent these. It would also need to support generating tessellation and supporting point projection. And rendering products like Visualize and Communicator would need to support rendering, selection, etc.

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your suggestion. We have received similar requests via the Customer Support Portal. We are tracking this enhancement internally and it is under consideration for the 2023 HOOPS Visualize roadmap. Feel free to add any detail in your specific needs or expected behaviors either here or directly in the support portal as appropriate.

Best regards,
Michael Young
Product Owner, Visualization Solutions

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Hoops Web Platform: Add support for Revit sheets and other 2D-representation in Exchange (import) and Communicator (webviewer).

A Revit file can contain multiple 2D representations of part of the model, like Sheets, Views, Legends etc.
Getting these representation or not should probably be a converter parameter.

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