[Community Chat] What is one thing you absolutely need for any software development project?

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I know everyone has their work quirks, whether needing a cup of coffee, having chat GPT handy, or some other tool. I want to know what one thing you always have with you when starting a development project. I think this could be a good way to share tools but feel free to share things that are non-tool related.

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3Ts - good Team, good Tools and (most overlooked) good Tests (test design, test framework and test cases)
and specifically the three things which are tool related would be

  1. Geometry Kernel
  2. Graphics engine
  3. Interoperability toolkit
  4. UI/UX framework
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This is a great list Rajesh, especially the tools bit. I think you’re right they can be a bit overlooked sometimes.

One thing I absolutely need before starting a development project is a clear identification of who the project is for. Having a clear understanding of the user is essential for defining the project’s functional requirements and UI, and ultimately providing a user/customer with the best possible experience. I think the easiest way to understand your users is if you’re part of the user community yourself! Of course, this isn’t always the case; either way, it’s great to build relationships in-person and/or virtually with users as soon as possible and be receptive to their feedback.

I also agree with @rajesh.bhartiya – good team, tools, and tests are all essential!

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