How to select the specified measurement data(MeasureMarkup) with the mouse

We have a requirement, the user would like to move the previously created measurement data by the mouse, or the mouse to select a specified measurement data for deletion, but at present it seems to be unable to listen to the measurement data of the mouse to select the event, how to do it?

Hello @Rui.Zhang03,

Being able to select measurement markups directly via the Viewer is not possible at this time. This is a limitation with the default selection operator. I can confim that we already have a feature request in regards to this.

Now, it is possible to select a measurement markup in the model tree and delete it. Rob Tadlock (@rtadlock ), one of our Consulting Engineers, created a sandbox example demonstrating this:

  1. Click “Run” to load the model
  2. Create a few measurement markups
  3. Expand the model tree and select the desired markup to delete
  4. Delete the selected markup by clicking the “Delete selected measurement” button in the upper-right corner


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