Digital Signature Requirements for MSI Created with OEM Installer Wizard

Starting with AutoCAD OEM 2023, the MSI created from the OEM Installer Wizard must be digitally signed, otherwise the installer will not run at the end user site.
After obtaining a digital certificate from a trusted certificate authorities (CAs), you can specify the certificate file and settings to use for signing the MSI file on the Digital Signature tab of the OEM Installer Wizard.
The whole procedure is explained in this short video.

If you want to learn more about AutoCAD (OEM) 2023 technical details, like system requirements, binary compatible versions, VS developer environment et. c. this post by Madhu on the ADN Dev blog explains everything.

Just in case this may help you…
I just saw a strange behavior with one of our partners who was running Windows 11 and VS 2022.
Everything was set up correctly, but the InstallWizard digital signing failed.
With VS 2022 you get Windows SDK 10.0.22xxx.0, which is for Windows 11:

Signing from a Command Prompt worked, but to achieve a successful signing procedure from within the InstallWizard, we needed to use signtool.exe from one of the VS 2019 Windows SDKs, 10.0.18362.0 below:

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