Issues with AutoCAD OEM 2025 Installer Wizard

The make wizard runs successfully and the generated output looks as expected.

We encountered two issues with the installer wizard:

  1. The installer wizard generates a line in the output image’s XML file which the setup.exe cannot handle. Installation with ODIS will fail with an “error 8”. Going through the log files we tracked this back to a line in the setup XML added by the installer wizard. Remove this line and the installation succeeds.

I can add more details when required. Don’t have access right now.

  1. For the second issue we don’t have a solution yet: The installer wizard includes some but not all required files of AutoCAD OEM itself. For example, “acdb25.dll” is missing in the generated installation image. The make wizard seems to have generated a complete set of files, but the installer wizard does not include them in the installation image.

Has someone else experienced this? Any ideas?

We are still compiling Installers with OEM 2024 but have experienced issues in the past where the Make Wizard was not including the needed dll’s or Autodesk forgot to pack them into the oemstamp.xml. If they are missing and you need them then you will either need to add them to the oemstamp.xml or add them through the Make Wizard.
Shawn Golden

Interesting. For us, the Make Wizard output seems to be correct. We compared it to the output of the Make Wizard for 2024 and it looks OK, i.e. it includes files like “acdb25.dll”.

The Installer Wizard seems to have an issue picking up some files like “acdb25.dll”, though. They are simply missing from the generated installation image. Interestingly enough, the generated installation works insofar as installation succeeds successfully, but of course, the AutoCAD OEM files missing in the image are missing after installation, too. Our own stamped files are fine.

That’s new to us.

Did you experience issues with the Installer Wizard, too?

Does the “acdb25.dll” file show up in the OEM folder located in your autodesk OEM program files folder after the Make Wizard completes?

Yes. The file exists in the output of the make wizard.

I would next check your installers MSI to see if it is including them in the install phase. Also, search the x64 folder of your installer for the acdb25.dll to see if they are getting moved from Make Wizard folder to Installer location. In the past it would place the acdb files in 4 folders so you should find 4 of them if it follows the same track record. You might check to see if the antivirus is grabbing them. I looked through our past installs and they were coming through just fine. As soon as I load 25 I will let you know. @jm1 have you run into this in 2025?

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Stephan -
I have done some testing and the AcDb25.dll file shows up in the expected location after running the InstallWizard (IW). This is my IW output location:

C:\Users\paavo.rantanen\Documents\PolyCAD 2025 Master\x64\poly\PF\Root

C:\Users\paavo.rantanen\Documents\PolyCAD 2025 Master\x64\poly\PF\CF\AdShared\AcDwgFilter

I have compared with AutoCAD OEM 2024 output and it is identical. except version numbering.
I also checked that the AcDb25.dll is listed twice for the above locations in buildlog.txt

I did enable everything in the AutoCAD Commands tab of the MakeWizard, can you as a start try to do that as well and see if the AcDb25.dll shows up please?

Also, can you post some additional details about the first issue you mention, please?
If you have detected additional runtimes or modules missing, can you list them too?

We made an error. :flushed: To be transparent:

We have automated the process for generating the OEM products for a very long time now, with every script, patch and every source installation image committed to version control, so it is really well reproducible on our build agents.

Today, we went through the whole setup again and noticed that we made a simple but embarrassing mistake: We committed the wrong source installation image (2024) under the wrong name (“2025”).

Using the correct source installation image produces the correct result including all “missing files” and - at first glance - it seems to install and run as expected.

@ all of you: Thank you for spending time investigating.

Sorry for sending you on the wrong trail. :grimacing:

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Ok, thanks for letting us know Stephan.
It is good news that there was not an error in the installer build process.


Glad you were able to track it down. Either way, reaching out was a good way to make sure you are not missing something and also a good way to give a heads up to the community in case something was wrong. Reach out anytime!
Thanks again
Shawn Golden