Does Hoops has the capacity to generate a zip file after .step conversion?

We use Solid Edge 2022 + Aras. We use Hoops to generate .step file from Solid Edge 2022 objects.
Does it exist a way to zip the .step file after Hoops convertion? (so I can store directly .zip file in Aras)


can you be a bit more specific? Are you a user of HOOPS Exchange or how do you generate the STEP file?

In general HOOPS Exchange does not come with a function to “zip up” a model, but of course there are numerous open source library that will do that for you as an extra step after the export.

It looks like you are using HOOPS Communicator. My answer still applies, you would use converter (or libconverter) to generate the CAD file and then use an additional library to zip up the resulting STEP file(s).

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Yes we use Hoops Communicator. We generate .step file from solid edge file.
Thanks for your answer. I will investigate open source lib or maybe Aras methods can do it as well.

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