Error while building our own streaming server

Hi i am currently trying to create our own streaming server as provided in the tutorial below.

I have passes the absolute path to paths.js directory
licenseFile: “xxxxxxxxx”,
executablePath: “E:/Received/HOOPS_Communicator_2020_SP1_Windows/HOOPS_Communicator_2020_SP1/server/bin/win64/ts3d_sc_server.exe”,

modelDirectory: “E:/Received/HOOPS_Communicator_2020_SP1_Windows/HOOPS_Communicator_2020_SP1/tutorials/server_tutorial/models/helloworld.scz”

engine-wasm.js:428 WebSocket connection to ‘ws://localhost:9999/’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

what coukd possibly be the problem…
thanks in advance for any help .

Hi @ys878645, can you please show me the full command you used to launch the ts3d_sc_server.exe? The error makes me think that the stream cache server is not running, or it’s not running on the port you tried to connect to (9999).

Thanks and sorry for the delay in response here.

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