Here’s why metaverse is important in the 3D software space

The metaverse feels a little like a buzzword nowadays, but it is something to keep an eye on. It’s likely that the metaverse will have a profound impact on our workforce. Here are a couple reasons why it’s something to keep tabs on.

  • Faster and more collaborative building – The combination of digital information from multiple sources and the overlay of rich digital context into the real world will enable the workforce to be able to collaborate easier and build things even faster than before. The metaverse promises open information on a macro scale. It can become a place where the digital footprints of our buildings, infrastructure, and smart devices can be combined, mined, and learned from. Allowing designers, city planners, and architects to design with a project’s actual impact in mind without even going on site.
  • Breakdown of siloes – 3D plans and information has been historically siloed. The digital context becomes a powerful tool when overlayed with reality. As a result, workers can be more productive because they have all the necessary information and more to do their job safely. After all, it can be made available hands-free in head-mounted displays.
  • Easier working from remote locations – With the rise of XR, smaller and medium sized businesses have been incorporating immersive design and review experiences into their workflows and collaborating from remote locations.

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