HOOPS Exchange: Support USD Writer

Universal Scene Description (USD) is an easily extensible, open-source 3D scene description and file format developed by Pixar for content creation and interchange among tools. Because of its power and versatility, it’s being widely adopted, not only in the visual effects community but also in architecture, design, robotics, manufacturing, and other disciplines.

Would support for USD Writer be useful in your application? Vote on this feature and leave additional comments below!

Does USD Writer mean both importing and exporting USD format?

The USD format is a good file format for creating 3D content in collaboration. Content written using Nvidia Omniverse is a good example. However, Omniverse is still heavy and since it is a client program, it would be really useful if you could render it on the web in streaming mode using Hoops Exchange and Hoops Communicator.

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Hey @jongsue.hong - This would include both! Thanks for sharing your perspective on this

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