HOOPS Exchange: Support Additional Formats

HOOPS Exchange already supports more than 30 CAD native and standard BIM formats.

Are there any additional formats that you would like to see supported? Please vote and let us know in the comments which formats would be most valuable to you.

QIF - quality information framework

  • VDS (SAP Visual Enterprise Technology)
  • TopSolid
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Please support Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.

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2D Drawings


  • 2D PDF

  • SVG export

  • Improvements in gltf import/export. Animation, custom shader etc.

  • .scdoc SpaceClaim document

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Import and export of QIF - Quality Information Framework and translation to STEP AP242 would make a big impact.

We get fairly regular requests for DXF export. While DXF is a supported import format, it is not currently in the list of export formats.

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As part of the most frequently used formats, it would be great to expand the support for pvz and pvs formats

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