Which supported import formats will allow for import of PMI data?

I’ve been working on a getting PMI data into HOOPS for viewing.

From what I’ve seen in the generic examples, I should be able to see it here:

Is this correct?

I am aware of this page for HOOPS Exchange: HOOPS Exchange | CAD Data Translation Software SDK | Tech Soft 3D

Do these rules apply only to Exchange or do they also carry over to Communicator? Would I need to do something with HOOPS exchange in order to get PMI data in the web viewer?

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Hi Diego,

in general the page you referenced also applies to HOOPS Communicator with regard to the supported formats for PMI. HOOPS Exchange is used under the hood in HOOPS Communicator so there is nothing to do on your end to get PMI into the viewer.

There is a setting in HOOPS Converter that controls if PMI is imported (–import_pmi) which should be set to true by default.

Let me know if you run into any problems,


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