Issue with Evaluation of Hoops Exchange

Hello all of you,
I’m currently trying to evaluate the SDK Hoops Exchange, but have some problems. In my evaluation i have to check some specifics attributes with hoops . For example, i must check if he is able to read dimensions of the model, load his features when the model has some, if hoops can read annotations, , tolerances, assembly, view, layer/filters, coordinates system, history, construction geometry, or faces names. The fact is that i couldn’t find exactly how to check if all this elements can be read or nor? which function/method can be use here?

Hey @cabrell.kana,

First off welcome to the forum! Some of this would depend on the file format I think. For example, some file formats don’t support PMI data. Could you give a bit more information about what file formats you’re using and what the end goal is?

You might want to check out the HOOPs Exchange documentation, specifically this page which details what file formats support what: File Formats — HOOPS Exchange Documentation

Hi @gabriel.peragine ,

thansk for replying.
The fact is that i have a lot of model format, that i want to check with hoops. So i want to specificaly know, what type of element is hoops exchange able to extract on a model format? For example, if it is able to read features of a step model, or read all annotations of a rhino model.
Do you get what i am saying?
I also want to get a summary of some element about the quality of a moel. I mean if a hoops is good rendering a modell , or not.

There is a table in the doc link Gabe shared listing the import formats. Scrolling to the right shows some capability per format. Additionally, clicking on the link for each format takes you to a format specific page with details about each reader. For example,

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Hi @cabrell.kana ,

Have you tried processing any of your models using the provided samples in the Exchange package? We provide a sample called “PRC2XML” that will read everything in the model and dump it to an XML file that is human readable so that you can verify importing of various data.

You can learn more about the samples provided here: Sample Code — HOOPS Exchange Documentation

– Rob

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Thanks for replying.
I checked this way. I now try to get explicitely this pmi details as ouput while i am loading a model, but it i don’t found out correct functions to get this specific elements.
I tried to implemented the same way, as how we create xml file but it’s not only too long, but also there are not clearly exposing such informations. Exactly those pmi details i want to get :

  • Datum
  • Datum Target
  • Dimension
  • Dimension (Basic)
  • Dimension (Coordinate)
  • Dimension (Cumulated)
  • Dimension (Curvlinear)
  • Dimension (Stacked)
  • Distance
  • Flags
  • Feature Control Frame
  • Geometrical Tolerance
  • Note Object Attribute (Text)
  • Note Object Attribute (Ditto)
  • Roughness
  • Weld
    The goal with this is to be able to run many format modells, and check exactly with types of details can hoops exchange read on them, not only of one specifically format like catiaV5.