HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1

Format Updates

Our first priority is to deliver quick formats updates for both native CAD and standard formats a timely manner so that the applications our partners are developing can access to latest versions of these formats. During the last quarter, we have released 6 updated formats:

  • HE 2021 U1: released the Fed. 2nd
    • REVIT 2021
    • Solid Edge 2021
  • HE 2021 U2: released the Mar. 3rd
    • NX - Unigraphics 1953
    • Parasolid 33
  • HE 2021 SP1: Released the Apr. 13th
    • JT 10.5
    • Rhino 7

Support for glTF/GLB Writer

We have introduced the support of the glTF format in Hoops Exchange 2021 SP1.

  • The glTF format (Graphics Language Transmission Format) developed by the Kronos Group is meant to deliver 3D assets with a support of 3D models with appearances including PBR materials.
  • A .gltf file may be self-contained or may reference external binary and texture resources, while a .glb file is entirely self-contained
  • The GLB file format is a binary form of glTF that includes textures instead of referencing them as external images
  • On March 3, 2017, Microsoft announced that they will be using glTF 2.0 as the 3D asset format across their product line, including Paint 3D, 3D Viewer, Remix 3D, Babylon.js, and Microsoft Office
  • It enables applications to share their data to high-end rendering solutions or consume them in AR/VR.

Mates (assembly constraints)

The Mates or assembly constraints are information that describe how parts have been assembled and fit together. Accessing to the mates from the native CAD files helps optimizing workflows for applications in Manufacturing simulation, Robotic, Kinematics Analysis and more, by enabling them to generate a kinematics model of the assembly. The support of Mates was introduced in HOOPS Exchange 2021 as a Beta and is now officially available for CATIA V5 format. It provides access to all the existing mates.