HOOPS 2023 Release + Updated Documentation

HOOPS 2023 Release

Yesterday we launched HOOPS 2023. Here are some of the new features and improvements:

HOOPS Exchange

Format Updates

Our priority is to deliver timely format updates for both native CAD and standard formats so the
applications our partners are developing can access the latest versions. Since the latest service
pack release (HE 2022 SP2), we have released 1 updated format:

• Revit 2023

The following formats are scheduled to be supported in the next update of HOOPS Exchange
(HE 2023 U1) planned for mid-February 2023.

• NX 2212
• Parasolid 35.0
• Solid Edge 2023

Enhanced format support
• Support for clearcoat

• Improved flexible elements support
• Support of external files (CREO assembly that references native files from other CAD formats,
like CV5, STEP)

• Support for assemblies suppressed parts
• Support of coordinate systems
• Support of physical materials

• Support of K-factors for sub-nodes

Additional platform support
HOOPS Exchange 2023 now supports Visual Studio 2019

HOOPS Communicator

Support for glTF clearcoat
HOOPS Communicator 2023 provides consumer and industrial design application developers
with functionality for increased photo-realism in graphic display of 3D objects in both artificial
and natural environments. Added support for MaterialClearcoat enables modeling a protective
layer over a solid material or finish that exhibits shininess, reflection, and depth of color.

Enhanced HOOPS Exchange options
HOOPS Communicator 2023 features the asynchronous loading of measurement data,
increasing application responsiveness which is critical to the productivity provided by cloud

Additional platform support
HOOPS Communicator 2023 now supports Visual Studio 2019.

HOOPS Visualize

New custom shaders: pixel & vertex
Added support for pixel and vertex shaders in HOOPS Visualize 2023 provides developers with
greater control over how geometry is rendered than previously available in the HPS API,
enabling visualization of complex data sets and physical phenomena.

Additional platform support
HOOPS Visualize 2023 now supports Visual Studio 2019.

HOOPS Publish

Enhanced PMI association and improved thumbnail generation
HOOPS Publish 2023 features enhanced PMI association and cross-highlighting support of
RiPointSet as well as improved thumbnail generation, resulting in improved file conversion and
loading performance.

Additional platform support
HOOPS Publish 2023 now supports Visual Studio 2019.

If you’d like more detailed information, check out each of the release pages.

Updated Documentation

You may have noticed a difference in our docs. Along with the latest release, our documentation has been updated. Some highlights include:
  • Improved styling and layout, making navigation easier and faster
  • Revised navigation structure, providing increased clarity of related information
  • API reference section expansion and revisions
  • An all-new search tool, enabling more thorough and more accurate results
  • More features are planned for future updates

Let us know what you think of the latest release and documentation updates below. We’d love to hear from you!

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