HOOPS 2022 SP2 Release Community Discussion

Our latest service pack is set to be released today, Tuesday, August 9th. This time around, we have some cool updates and additions that will enhance workflows for manufacturing and digital construction applications.

Major features of this release include:
• Official support for importing Navisworks (NWD) files
• HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid bridge on macOS and ARM
• Official support for Apple Metal Graphics
• Official support for 3D Connexion SpaceMouse
• Support of IFC entity relationships in Visualize accessible via the Exchange sprocket

You can find more detailed information about the release on our product update page on our main website.

For those in the community, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the release in the comments below. Is there anything you’re excited about? Is there something that wasn’t included in this release that you wanted? Are there any questions that you have about the specifics of the release?

(Navisworks in HOOPS Exhange)