HOOPS Visualize 2021 SP1

Animation Manager

We’ve added new animation capabilities to HOOPS Visualize, including a new animation manager. This animation system is designed to meet various engineering animation needs, ranging from BIM 5D simulations, through Digital Factory animations, and Work Instruction authoring.

The manager uses a keyframe system, and includes constant (on-off), linear, and spline interpolation. Animatable attributes include translation, rotation, scaling, visibility, transparency, and color. Animation information can be saved out and loaded as part of a HSF file.

Hardware accelerated text

As part of performance improvements through the year, we have begun adding hardware acceleration for text (when available on GPU). This should result in improved frame rates for partners with high amounts of text, notably in the PP&M and Shipbuilding industries. Further work will continue in SP2.

PBR on Mobile

Physically Based Rendering (previously on desktop platforms) is now available in Visualize for mobile platforms. PBR has been added to provide higher quality rendering of models. Please note that glTF is not currently supported on mobile platforms so partners must either use HSF files with PBR materials included or use the HPS API to set PBR material properties.

Sketchup 2021 support

Support for Sketchup 2021 has been added to HPS.