Hoops Web and Hoops Communicator - Support for IFC and BIM models modifications

my team started to evaluate Hoops Web and Hoops Communicator. A side note, we are already using Hoops Exchange for our desktop apps.

We are starting a new product and our main requirements is to support CAD and BIM from a browser.

We already know that currently you do not support exporting to IFC, we can only read IFC files, not generating new ones using yours SDK’s.

First question Q1 – Hoops Web viewer, also supports models modifications? Or we can only visualize the model but we cannot edit it?

Second question Q2 – Do you plan to support collaboration or do you already support it? By collaboration I mean, for instance, for a BIM model of a building, architects and engineers viewing the same model in the browser and interacting with it.

Thank you.


Hi Alberto,

out of the box HOOPS Communicator does not support a full editing workflow. While it is well supported to create new geometry on the client or combine models, those changes are currently not serialized back to the server (and of course in the case of scs loading there really isn’t a server to serialize to). However, we do have our server-side authoring tools so it is absolutely possible to serialize any changes the user is making to the model, its just that your developers would have to implement that yourself.

With regard to collaboration, we have built a demo that uses a node server and websockets to implement simple peer-to-peer collaboration (link ) but we don’t have any special support for it.

I hope this helps,

To use this demo, simply have multiple people navigate to the URL. You’ll see that anyone can control the view and most actions are mirrored to all connections. This is just a technology demo, but I’d be happy to connect you with one of our Consulting Engineers who could share the code with you and talk to you about how the demo works.

Thank you @guido and @rtadlock.

It was easy to install Hoops Communicator and get started from this quick start page, Quickstart.

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