How to generate an Echo File in Ceetron Solve

Ceetron Solve can log the call-stack of the supported objects to an Echo File, which could help the support team debug a given problem. This shows how to set this up in your application.

Initialize the Echo File:

vsy_Echo* echo = vsy_EchoBegin();
vsy_EchoOpen(echo, "callstack.echo", ECHO_WRITE);

Add the Echo File to the supported objects, e.g.:

vfs_DofTab* doftab = vfs_DofTabBegin();
vfs_DofTabSetEcho(doftab, echo);


vfs_SysMatrix *sysmatrix = vfs_SysMatrixBegin();
vfs_SysMatrixSetEcho(sysmatrix, echo);
vfs_SysVector *sysvectorb, *sysvectorx;

sysvectorb = vfs_SysVectorBegin();
vfs_SysVectorSetEcho(sysvectorb, echo);
sysvectorx = vfs_SysVectorBegin();
vfs_SysVectorSetEcho(sysvectorx, echo);

The Echo File must be added just after the *Begin() call and before any other call in order to track all the subsequent calls to those objects.