How to implement growth animation?

I saw on the official website of Hoops Chinese distributors that growth animations can be created through Hoops. How is this achieved?


Hello @619944680,

The constituent components demonstrated in the video are:

  • A cutting plane is used to control the “growth” attribute of specific structures of the building. The function CuttingSection.updatePlane can be used for precise control of the cutting plane placement.

  • The function Model.setNodesVisibility (or another set visibility variant) can be used to control visibility.

  • The InstanceModifier enum DoNotCut controls which nodes are affected by the cutting plane.

  • The Animation class can help with animation of certain properties already mentioned.


Based on these methods, I can understand the general process, but I still don’t quite understand the specific logic. If it’s convenient, Could you please write me a simple demo? :laughing: