How-to: Manage Unicode strings into Hoops Publish

This article demonstrates how to display foreign characters in a PDF file by converting a Unicode string to a UTF8Char string.

In the HOOPS Publish API, every character string must be given as A3DUTF8Char*. However, when dealing with non-English character sets, such as Japanese or Russian, they are initially given as Unicode strings.

Here is an example with a Japanese character string:

  1. Allocate the destination string
  2. Convert the Unicode string to UTF8
wchar_t sString[] = L"新細明體";
A3DUTF8Char* pcDestString = new A3DUTF8Char[500];
A3DMiscUnicodeToUTF8((const A3DUTF8Char*)sString, pcDestString );

Now pcDestString can be used in any function or field data requiring a UTF8Char string, and the Japanese characters will be displayed correctly in the PDF file.

IMPORTANT: In Visual Studio, if a source file directly contains foreign characters, then the source file must be saved with a correct encoding, such as Unicode (UTF-8 with signature) - Codepage 65001.