Is there a way to get the surface area of the face?

I tried using hwv.model.getFaceProperty and hwv.model.getNodeProperties but can’t get the surface area of the face, can someone give me a little advice

Hello @kabochow,

In the Web Viewer, the function Model.getNodeProperties can retrieve physical properties (including surface area) at the node level but not at the face level. So unless a face is actually a separate node, you cannot retrieve the surface area.

Also, in Converter, you will need to have the option --sc_export_physical_properties set to true (which it is by default).


Thanks @tino , can I use other methods such as calculations to get the surface area of the surface, it is important data in my project, is there any other way to do this?


Well it’s possible to get the raw mesh data of a given node. With this retrieved mesh data, you can try to further distill it down to a face/edge/point. At which point, you can do your own manual calculation to approximate the surface area.

An example called “Geometry Retrieval” for getting the mesh data is included with the Communicator package. Below are the steps:

  1. Launch the server in the quickstart module by double-clicking HOOPS_Communicator_2024.4.0\quick_start\start_server.bat
  2. Once the server.exe launches, click the following URL to view the example:

To get back to main menu while the server is still running, navigate to:

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