Extract capping geometry in HOOPS Communicator?


We are tried to build a feature that shows the capping geometry on a mini-popup window.

It’s similar to this HOOPS Visualize sample https://forum.techsoft3d.com/t/sample-code-extract-cutting-plane-geometry/1408. But looking at the HOOPS Communicator document, there is no similar API for us to reproduce it.

Is there any workaround for this case? Like:

  • Can we hide the model geometry but keep the capping geometry visible? We tried setting the nodes visibility to false and opacity to a small value but the capping geometry was also changed.
  • How to know which node(s) is the capping geometry, so we can gather them and copy the meshes?

Thank you,
Anh Le


I did some investigation and currently there is no straightforward way to achieve what you want. Are you already a partner? If so, you should file a feature request in our support system, otherwise I can add it on your behalf.

Basically, there is currently no way to access or calculate the capping geometry and no straightforward way to hide the model but leave the capping geometry visible. The only way to achieve this right now, would be to render the model into an image and then extract the cutting geometry pixel by pixel.

My guess is that the preferred implementation for you would be to get access to the meshes/triangles that the capping plane consists of (or calculate it). Is that accurate?


Hi Guido,

Yes, we prefer to have the meshes of the capping geometry. We’re still dealing with the license right now, so please help us file a feature request if possible.

Thank you for the quick support.

Anh Le