Is there a way to remove the silhouette of a single part rather than all the parts in the View?

I’m trying to display a part in the Hoops scene without a silhouette (black line contour) but don’t want to affect the other parts in the scene.

I saw in the Communicator API that there is View — HOOPS Communicator 2023 SP2 U2 Documentation but that applies to all parts in the View. How can I remove the silhouette for a single part?

Thank you

Hi @francois.sunatori ,

The simplest way to remove the silhouette from a specific node or set of nodes is to apply an invisible line pattern using a call like this:

hwv.model.setNodesLinePattern([2,67], [0], 1, Communicator.LinePatternLengthUnit.Object)

To reapply the outline, you can call

(Note the removal of the outline of the purple and greenish-blue parts in the first image compared with the second.)

More info about line patterns can be found here: Line Patterns — HOOPS Communicator 2023 SP2 U2 Documentation

Here’s a simple demo:

If you have additional questions or if I’ve misunderstood your question, please let me know!


Thanks a lot for the info,

I’m still having trouble in the Hoops viewer used in the project I’m working on.

  • In this 3D Sandbox the polylines don’t show up black irrespective of whether the silhouettes enabled or not
  • In comparison, in the Hoops viewer used in the project I’m working on the polylines show up black if silhouettes are enabled and show up red (as expected) when silhouettes are disabled and when I use hoopsViewer.getModel().setNodesLinePattern([reachDomeHID], [0], 1, Communicator.LinePatternLengthUnit.Object); I don’t even see the polylines appear

silhouettes enabled

is there possibly some other global option that may be giving this different behaviour between the 3D Sandbox viewer and the Hoops viewer used in the project I’m working on?

Thank you

silhouettes disabled

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Hi @francois.sunatori ,

Silhouette edges are disabled if there are no faces or points drawn in the scene, so that is why they are not changing color in the 3D Sandbox. (And, based on your screenshots, it looks like you may have some points drawn in your scene.)

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