Is there a way to remove the silhouette of a single part rather than all the parts in the View?

I’m trying to display a part in the Hoops scene without a silhouette (black line contour) but don’t want to affect the other parts in the scene.

I saw in the Communicator API that there is View — HOOPS Communicator 2023 SP2 U2 Documentation but that applies to all parts in the View. How can I remove the silhouette for a single part?

Thank you

Hi @francois.sunatori ,

The simplest way to remove the silhouette from a specific node or set of nodes is to apply an invisible line pattern using a call like this:

hwv.model.setNodesLinePattern([2,67], [0], 1, Communicator.LinePatternLengthUnit.Object)

To reapply the outline, you can call

(Note the removal of the outline of the purple and greenish-blue parts in the first image compared with the second.)

More info about line patterns can be found here: Line Patterns — HOOPS Communicator 2023 SP2 U2 Documentation

Here’s a simple demo:

If you have additional questions or if I’ve misunderstood your question, please let me know!