Need help to use A3DSurfBlend01, A3DSurfBlend02 and A3DSurfBlend03

I wanna make complex brep models using A3D surfaces.

I’m trying to use blend surface type(A3DSurfBlend01, A3DSurfBlend02 and A3DSurfBlend03), but It is difficult to use them because references(samples, documents etc) is too lack.

please explain more details for using A3DSurfBlend01, A3DSurfBlend02 and A3DSurfBlend03.

  1. What is difference between blend surface type 1, type 2 and type 3?

  2. I need more details for fields of A3DSurfBlend01Data, A3DSurfBlend02Data and A3DSurfBlend03Data structure with examples.

  3. I need more code samples how to create A3DSurfBlend01, A3DSurfBlend02 and A3DSurfBlend03 surface.

I received the response from support portal.

These structures are oriented on imported data and depends on the original CAD file format:

  • A3DSurfBlend01Get (ProE)
  • A3DSurfBlend02Get (UG)
  • A3DSurfBlend03Get (Catia)
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