SelectionManager colors


I had questions regarding the selection colors. Is it possible to change the outline width? And is it possible to apply a transparent selection color?

This is the mockup of what we would like to achieve:
image (5)

And this is what we actually have. The outline is too thin and the fill color is too strong.

Hello @guillaume.robichaud,

While it’s possible to set the color of the highlight outline through the function setNodeSelectionOutlineColor(), the color parameter is limited to only RGB – no alpha. So it would not be possible to make the color transparent.

With respect to setting the width of the outline, there is no API in the Web Viewer to do this.

We’ll go ahead and create two separate feature requests on your behalf.


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I was looking around the doc and couldn’t find anything so I figured it wasn’t supported. But there’s no harm in asking :wink:

Thanks for the tickets, we’ll be able to keep track of the progress.