September 2021 HOOPS Scene Newsletter

Introducing the Tech Soft 3D Community Forum

We’re excited to announce the new Tech Soft 3D Community Forum, a place where 3D engineering software developers and Tech Soft 3D product enthusiasts can connect and collaborate. Our goal in the community is to provide a space where developers can get answers to their questions around Tech Soft 3D SDKs, receive guidance, and discuss topics relevant to 3D engineering software development.

Check out the Community Forum below!

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Tech Soft 3D Community Forum

HOOPS Fall Virtual Training Sessions have been Announced!

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HOOPS 2021 SP2 is now Available

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The HOOPS 2021 Service Pack 2 release delivers new features to optimize your engineering workflows, including official support for Apple Silicon across the entire HOOPS Platform, support for Spatial Relationships in IFC models within HOOPS Exchange, and a refreshed Android AR sandbox application in HOOPS Visualize.

Click below to learn more and access the complete SP2 release announcement.

HOOPS 2021 SP2

MineRP Enables Seamless Visualization of Complex Mining Data With HOOPS Visualize

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We’re happy to announce that HOOPS Visualize serves as the graphics engine for the MineRP platform, delivering powerful 3D visualization capabilities across MineRP’s entire mining solution, a single integrated workspace for mine planning and execution. The sophisticated platform enables mining companies to easily visualize very large and complex geological models, providing users with insights that guide better and more profitable decisions. Click below for the full article.
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Now Streaming: HOOPS Virtual Summit Digital Construction


Highlighting the rapidly evolving world of Digital Construction and the role component technology plays in enhancing these complex workflows, our recent HOOPS Virtual Summit was packed full of great content, with demos highlighting HOOPS toolkit features and engaging partner presentations. Check out all of the action below.

High QA Leverages HOOPS Native Platform to Help Transform Quality Assurance Processes

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High QA, a leading provider of integrated quality management software solutions for industrial manufacturing companies around the world, utilizes the advanced toolkits in the HOOPS Native Platform to streamline and improve quality processes. By improving CAD data access and 3D data publishing, High QA empowers their customers to accelerate development of powerful engineering applications with fewer mistakes. Click below for the full article.
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HOOPS and Polygonica Support CASTOR's Powerful 3D Printing Application

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We’re happy to highlight our partner CASTOR, whose cloud-based application is helping manufacturers reduce costs by utilizing the benefits of 3D Printing, assessing entire assemblies, or even entire product catalogs, in one go. Read the story below to learn how HOOPS Exchange and Polygonica work together to build powerful additive manufacturing applications.

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HOOPS Product Skills on LinkedIn

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Are you a HOOPS product expert? Developers can now add individual HOOPS SDKs or entire platforms to their LinkedIn profile skillsets. Click below to visit the Tech Soft 3D product page and update your skills now!

HOOPS on LinkedIn

How Startups Learned to Turn Challenges into Opportunities During the Pandemic

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“Running an early-stage company is challenging in any time period, and the past 15 months delivered an unusually formidable slate of challenges for startups to navigate” explains Tech Soft 3D CEO, Ron Fritz. Continue reading below as Ron shares his perspective on the challenges and opportunities startups have faced as a result of the pandemic.

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Meet with Us Around the World

We’re looking forward to the return of in-person events and we hope to see you out there! You can arrange meeting times with us at the following shows here.

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Exciting new positions are available in our growing company. At Tech Soft 3D we're serious about solving the hard technical problems, but that doesn't mean we take ourselves too seriously. If you want to team up with some impressively smart people in a relaxed and empowering environment, check out our current positions.

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