Solution - Non English OEMs not showing the Start Page/AppHome Images

When creating a non English OEM the images you can set for the “Start Page/AppHome” will be ignored and the default images of the “Autocad OEM” will be used.


English version:


Non English (Italian):


As a workaround search for “logoDark.png” and “logoLight.png” in your installed OEM platform folder and replace these files with yours.
Now when building the OEM these images will be used and should show up in your final OEM Product.


Thanks for posting and sharing the information.
The location of the PNGs is typically:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD OEM 2023 - non-English \Support\ApplicationHome\resources\AOEM
This error has now been reported to the ADN so it can be fixed in future releases.
Please note: even if there is a workaround for some issue or unexpected behavior, it needs to be reported and logged with the ADN.
Unless it comes to their attention it can never be fixed.

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