The views in Hoops Communicator is different from that in Revit

When the model position is roughly the same, the views in Hoops and Revit is different.
What you see in Hoops Communicator are the back and left,but in the revit, it’s left and front.

Is it related to the coordinate system? Or other possible reasons?
Looking forward to your answer.

Hello @619944680,

Communicator queries the model data for camera and major axes information. Based on that, an initial view is created. In some cases where there is not enough information, Commuicator will approximate a view similar to the authored view – which could be different.

The Web Viewer API does have an enum called ViewOrientation which provides over 50 pre-define views to select.

It’s also possible to set your own initial camera using the function setInitialCamera().


Is there any method to make the coordinate system in Hoops consistent with that in Revit?

Hello @619944680,

The function setViewAxes is used to specify the front and up vectors (which will then be reflected in the orientation of the navigation cube faces).

Hope this helps,

Thanks,tino. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: