Two-dimensional and three-dimensional linkage development issues

How to realize the effect development of 2D and 3D linkage of Revit model? Is there a sample program for reference?


Linking a single 2D object with a single 3D object within a Revit model is relatively easy using the selection and highlighting tools in HOOPS Communicator / HOOPS Web Platform.

Most likely you want to automate the linkage of all 2d and 3d objects. Is that correct? This is no simple task and was done using a mapping tool from our partner Sanna ( They would be happy to assist your development needs. You can reach out to them directly or we could put you in touch with their Managing Director.


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Dear Xiang,
I am Anirban Ghosh from Sanna. The 2D-3D linkage that you mentioned is beyond just connecting a 3D component to 2D representatives. It’s a module that connects and establishes relationships between all 3D and 2D components providing smart, location-aware search facility.
If required, please let me know to talk in-depth about it,
Thank you.

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