What’s the future of manufacturing? Robots!

From Terminator to Wall-E, robots often come up when we think about technology in the future. Robots are already beginning to play a big role in many industries. The demand for robots in the manufacturing industry has risen as jobs in this space have remained unfilled. Robots bring with them several benefits which include improved safety of human workers, better quality, cost savings, efficiency, and sustainability.

The coolest thing about these industrial robots is that most of them are general purpose, which means they can be reprogramed for multiple tasks. In general, there are three categories that industrial robots tend to fall into. These categories are material handling, processing operations, and assembly and inspection.

So, what’s this look like in the future? Bigger robots? The Terminator?

The answer may surprise you. There have been developments in a type of robot called a Cobot. Cobots are designed to work alongside human workers collaboratively. These robots are smaller than some of the other types of bots which make them a popular choice for manufacturers who work in smaller spaces.

Here’s an interesting video I found about robots and future of manufacturing:

What do you think about robots in manufacturing? Do you think it’s the future? I’d love to hear your insights below.