2024 April Feature Voting Closed

Hello all,

First off a big thanks to all who voted! We appreciate your participation and will keep all suggestions and comments in mind for the future. Please note that we will open a second voting period this year sometime in September so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Here are the top-voted items by-product:

  • HOOPS Exchange - Improve performance for large models
  • HOOPS Communicator - Better Support for Construction Geometry and Reference Entites in HE and HC
  • HOOPS Visualize - Improved GPU Accelerated Rendering
  • HOOPS Luminate - Improved Real-Time Rendering

Big thanks again to all who participated! While you will no longer be able to vote, we still appreciate feature requests. If you are a partner, we ask that you submit requests in the support portal. For those who are evaluating, feel free to continue to suggest features here in the forum.


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