Assembly multi floor models throw exception: Offset is outside the bounds of the DataView

I want to assembly multi floor models, when I execute hwv.getModel().loadSubtreeFromModel(), the engine throw an exception:

Uncaught (in promise) RangeError: Offset is outside the bounds of the DataView
at DataView.getUint32 ()

this function belong to “AssemblyDataParser” class

But it doesn’t always appear, the probability of first loading is very high, the second、third record may not appear anymore. I don’t know how to position this problem and resolve it, it seems problem of model bytes .

Hi @slfeng612 , are you able to share the model with us for further investigation? I will message you directly.

OK, how to send you the model ?

Hi @slfeng612 , do you have any code that resizes the HOOPS canvas when you resize your window/application? If so, can you show me what that looks like?