Bad Rendering issues / DirectX9 not working in Adobe Acrobat

With the release of Adobe Acrobat 64 bits (Pro and Reader) you may have faced various rendering issues.

This could be due to the missing DirectX 9 renderer.
Adobe has since implemented DirectX 9 in the 64 bits versions.

  1. You can verify that the renderer is set to DirectX 9 in :

Edit → Preferences → Multimedia & 3D

  1. If not present, please check that Adobe Acrobat is up to date in :

Help → Check for Updates


  1. If you face a message stating “How to activate DirectX9”

This means that you do not have the DirectX component on your PC.
Please download and install it from the official Adobe Acrobat website : Download DirectX 9 to render 3D files in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader

  1. If you face behavioral issues (button or cross-highlight not working)

Please verify that the default Adobe Acrobat Pro setting in Edit → Preferences → Security (Enhanced) → “Enable Protected Mode at startup” is DISABLED.

More details in the following article Why does PMI cross highlighting not work in 3DPDF?