FAQ : Why can't I import a 3D-PDF with HOOPS Exchange


When importing a 3D-PDF file, HOOPS Exchange returns an error.


The 3D-PDF is protected:
HOOPS Exchange can’t import a 3D-PDF if it is password protected : HOOPS Exchange, PDF Reader specifications

To check if a PDF is protected:

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Look at the window title bar, and search for the mention (PROTECTED)


The 3D data are corrupted:
Open the 3D-PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. If the 3D can’t be displayed, the data are corrupted.
HOOPS Exchange won’t be able to import these data.

The 3D-PDF is working correctly in Acrobat and is not protected:
Please report the issue to Tech Soft 3D support.

  • Explain which error you are getting
  • Indicate HOOPS Exchange version
  • Attach the PDF file
  • If it is known, please mention which software was used to create the 3D PDF file
  • If it is possible, please share the original 3D file use to create the 3D PDF file