FAQ: Troubleshooting 3DF and HOOPS Exchange compatibility and license issue


You have license or compatibility issue when you start using HOOPS Visualize 3DF and HOOPS Exchange together, or if you upgrade to the newer versions.


1. Identify the compatible versions

HOOPS 3DF version are compatible with specific version of HOOPS Exchange. Please access the release notes page to know what version of HOOPS Exchange you should use.


  • HOOPS 3DF 25.10 is compatible with HOOPS Exchange 2020 SP2

2. Set a fresh installation and test it:

In this example we are using HOOPS 3DF 25.00 and HOOPS Exchange 2020 SP1 on Windows:

  • :key: Generate a new license key on our license generator.
  • :arrow_down: Download a HOOPS Visualize 3DF 25.00 fresh package (vs140 or vs141)
  • :pencil2: Update hoops_license.h HOOPS_3DF_2500\Dev_Tools\hoops_3dgs\source\hoops_license.h with the generated key :key:
  • :arrow_down: Download a HOOPS Exchange 2020 SP1 fresh package
  • :pencil2: Update hoops_license.h HOOPS_Exchange_Publish_2020_SP1\include\hoops_license.h with the generated key :key:
  • :warning: If you are using the environment variable HEXCHANGE_DIR please make sure it points on HOOPS Exchange 2020 SP1 root directory
  • :open_file_folder: Copy all the content of HOOPS_Exchange_Publish_2020_SP1\bin\win64 into HOOPS_VISUALIZE\OFFICIAL\HOOPS_3DF_2500\bin\nt_x64_v141 and HOOPS_VISUALIZE\OFFICIAL\HOOPS_3DF_2500\bin\nt_x64_v141d
  • :test_tube: Build & Run hoopspartviewer_v141
  • :test_tube: Import the file HOOPS_Exchange_Publish_2020_SP1\samples\data\catiaV5\CV5_Aquo_Bottle_Aquo Bottle.CATProduct

:star: You should get the following result. That means your license key and binaries for 3DF and HOOPS Exchange are all correct.

If the versions of the Visualize and Exchange binaries are not compatible, the Part Viewer will display a VersionMismatch error. For example,


3. Check your application development set up

  • :question: Check all the licences set in your application code by searching for the call to

1HC_Define_System_Options("license = <> ");

  • :open_file_folder: Check the HOOPS Exchange DLL used by your project are the correct ones
  • :open_file_folder: Check the HIO_Exchange binaries are correct HOOPS_3DF_2500\bin\nt_x64_v141\hio_plugins\hio_exchange\hioexchange2500_x64.hio
  • :warning: If you build HIO_Exchange yourself, be sure HEXCHANGE_DIR is correctly set and you build it against the correct version of HOOPS Exchange