FAQ: Troubleshooting Onscreen Display Problems


Display problems can be difficult to diagnose. Problems may exist in the application software, HOOPS Visualize, the graphics hardware, etc. The following provides some information, suggestions and guidelines.


Starting with 3DF 23.00 and HPS 2018 (and following), “opengl” means “opengl2” and the driver “opengl1_deprecated” was introduced. The 3DF release notes (or HPS) provide additional information:

Important: OpenGL is not supported for screen rendering. The legacy fixed-function OpenGL driver is no longer supported as a high-performance screen driver. The driver name “opengl” will now use the “opengl2” shader driver. For offscreen rendering, applications can use the legacy fixed-function OpenGL driver using the driver name “opengl1_deprecated”.

Starting with 3DF 25.00 and HPS 2020, “opengl2” requires OpenGL 3.2+ capability.


Have you tried using the 3DF Automatic Driver ‘3ddriver’ (or HPS Default3D)?

We strongly recommend that you utilize ‘3ddriver’ for your onscreen viewports, rather than manually selecting a specific driver.

Finally, if you’re still having display problems, go through the troubleshooting steps for 3DF Generic vs 3D-API specific Problems (or HPS). This information will help us support you, if you need to submit a support portal issue.