Getting Started with HOOPS Luminate

What is HOOPS Luminate?

HOOPS Luminate is the newest addition to our HOOPS Product line. With HOOPS Luminate you can add advanced rendering techniques to your 3D application.

Some of the main features of this graphics tool-kit include:

Photo-Realistic Path & Ray Tracing – Create stunning photo-realistic images with precise control of the rendering process and results

Advanced Real-Time Rendering Mode – Render high-quality, realistic scenes at high frame rates

• Robust Material Library – Gain access to hundreds of proprietary and highly customizable realistic materials based on physical parameters

The HOOPS Luminate Bridge to HOOPS Visualize

One of the most exciting aspects of HOOPS Luminate, is its ability to integrate with HOOPS Visualize via its dynamic bridge. This allows you to bring photorealism to your pre-existing application. You can see a demo of this application below:

For information on implementing the bridge, check out the documentation.

Where to get started:

If you’re just getting started with HOOPS Luminate, our docs provide a thorough resource for you. You can find everything from a list of features and APIs to full tutorials.