Guide: HOOPS Communicator Sever - GPU Specification - for SSL

Is there any guide for GPU guide for SSR?

for example)

Concurrent User --|-- Scz File Size --|-- GPU Memory Size

100 | 200MB | ??? GB

Hello monad1,

On the lower tier end of GPUs available on Amazon is an NVIDIA K520. This particular GPU has 8GB of RAM and is typically good enough for a wide variety of applications. That said, given a consistent usage case of 100 concurrent users of a 200MB Stream Cache file, you can further bump up the RAM to 16GB to something like an NVIDIA Tesla M60 (or equivalent).

When using a cloud solution, one advantage is the ability to more easily (relatively speaking) scale up/down the specs on the instance. So there could be an opportunity for you to further fine tune which GPU works best for your needs by simply changing specs.

As an aside, depending on the location of the server, overall performance could be more affected by internet bandwidth rather than actual hardware.


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