Inquiring about hoops model server memory usage when using Client Side Rendering

We found that loading a sc model with about 800,000 parts takes about 1.7 GB of memory on the hoops model server. After some initial streaming, the memory drops to about 1GB. In my opinion, it seems to use too much server-side memory even though it is Client Side Rendering. Based on my calculations, the server memory should be at least 512GB for 400 concurrent users. Is this correct?
If not, does this mean that a SaaS-based business model with many users is not possible based on Hoops Communicator?

I agree that this amount of server-side memory usage even for a large model like this seems too high for client-side rendering and its something our team should investigate. It looks like you should have access to our support portal. Would it be possible for to log this issue there?

Thanks @guido

@kwkang - I have opened up a ticket on your behalf in support. :slight_smile: