Hoops Communicator libconverter Unable to convert NX assemblies containing modeled features using shattered mode

When using the conversion NX contains modeling features of the assembly, using the parameter --prepare_shattered_xml conversion, there will be program flashback, when canceling the --prepare_shattered_xml parameter, the conversion out --prepare_shattered_scs_parts directory only the scs file of the assembly, there is no next-level scs file,

We want this model to convert properly and output sub-level scs files, how do I set it up?
NXModel.zip (323.6 KB)

The conversion is done in scs shattered mode

The sdk version used is HOOPS_Communicator_2021_SP2_U2

Hey @Rui.Zhang03

It’s been a minute! Good to see you here again. :slight_smile: I don’t think this question has an easy answer, so I have opened a support ticket for you. You should have an email when there’s a response. I’ll also post the answer here as well.

For questions like this, I would recommend using our support portal. since you have access.