Hoops Communicator Converter does not convert the empty assembly properly and get the child node file name and Bom structure information that the assembly depends on

Hoops Communicator 2021_SP1_U1 cannot convert this assembly alone,memory continues to rise during conversion until the system memory is maxed out, and with the latest version 2023_SP1 the conversion works, but the Bom structure is incorrect and there are 120,000 lines of Bom sub-nodes.the assembly actually has only three missing children node from the source file.
assembly0.zip (19.6 KB)


I want to get the source file path of its dependent child node and the transformation matrix of the child node by converting this empty assembly, but with the libconverter library bool WriteXMLBOM(const char* out_filename, SC::Store::MemoryDevice* memory_device = nullptr); cannot get the correct child node information

If use HoopsExchange API A3DAsmGetFilesPathFromModelFile cannot get the correct missing files!

I’ve opened a ticket for you on this because it is specific. I’ll update here once support responds to the ticket.