HoopsCommmunicator shattered mode conversion problem

HoopsCommmunicator shattered mode conversion in some cases there will be some assemblies in the sub-part out of the SCS file without model content, but separate conversion of sub-part to SCS has the model content
HoopsCommmunicator Version:2021_SP2_U2
Model fomat:CATIA V5(.CATProduct .CATPart

What are the circumstances under which this will happen?

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This is the source file structure

The first image is the result of shattered mode conversion CAD06701068_A.CATPart.scs without model content and size of 24KB, the second image is converted to SCS alone, the model has content, size of 100KB

The display of two cases opened in HoopsCommunicator


this generally should not happen. In order to analyze this we would need access to the original CAD model and the conversion settings used.