Hoops Communicator Converter 700M 3DXML to scs file,The effect of light weight is not good

Can HoopsConverter perform surface reduction on the model without retaining so much mesh detail data?
For a large model such as a 700M car model, there will still be 800M after lightweighting into scs, and the browser can’t load the rendering, how to solve this situation?

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Hi Rui,

Thanks for reaching out.

If the provided model contains B-Rep geometry (which I would expect 3DXML to likely have), you can specify the level to which you would like the resulting stream cache file to be tessellated. Using the --tessellation_quality command line option, you can indicate what level from Extra Low to Extra High. A lower tessellation will result in less faces, and thus a lower file size, but will come at the cost of visual fidelity.

See this page for more details on command line options.

If the the resulting file is still larger than you would like, I would recommend ensuring you are only authoring the relevant data you need into the stream cache file. See the --sc_export_*** options from the page above. For example, if your application does not need attribute or PMI data in the stream cache model, do not output it. Sometimes, omitting this data can help reduce file sizes.

Remember that your Stream Cache output can be of many different formats depending on your options. If you want a single file, compressed version of the Stream Cache, be sure to have the --sc_create_scz, --output_sc, and --sc_compress_scz options enabled. You can read more about the different SC flavors here.

Take care!

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