HOOPS stream caching XML loading mode, how to set up to load only the part that can be seen?

We have a very large assembly, the original count model is over 50GB, now we use stream cache mode + memory limit + setStreamCutoffScale (2.0), to do the optimization, but it still loads the internal model and stops loading it when it reaches the memory limit, and the whole appearance of the model can’t be loaded all the way through

How to parameterize the model so that the exterior is loaded first and the interior details are loaded only when they are visible

We do this by loadingSubtreeFromXmlFile, the xml file contains the Transformation for each node,ExternalModel,BoundingBox,We only provide BoundingBox for nodes of Part type, nodes of assembly type are not provided with BoundingBox,Is this the right thing to do?

Hello @Rui.Zhang03,

It looks like you had asked a similar question. Our response is likewise similar:


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