Which finite element analysis software models does HOOPS_Communicator support?

Hello, which finite element analysis software was used to export the model in the picture? What is the original format suffix of this model? How to convert it into an SCS file supported by HOOPS_Communicator?

FEA software that was used to export the model, as well as the original suffix of this model are confidential. We worked with the analysis company to create this model. Because HOOPS Communicator is an SDK, any FEA software can be used to create this report. We have a partner called CADMould which is successful in exporting HTML and 3D PDF from their own solution. You can see the demo here →

For your third question, the SC model was published using HOOPS Communicator authoring library (sclib) using output csv files.

Because we own the source project of this demo, we are more than happy to help you build this capability into your application. Please ask any questions.

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I want to know how the triangular grid lines in the red box are brought to HOOPS Communicator for display? Does it come with the original model?