Importing and Creating FEA Meshes

We were recently asked how to import or create FEA meshes within the HOOPS WebViewer. We have two demos that visualize FEA data. Here is how we created the models:

  • Import the Creo piston file into Simscale, assigned materials and a heat source and solve for the steady state.
  • Export results as a Nastran or ParaView file (I forget which it was)
  • Use Paraview to convert the results into WRL, a file with independent vertex coloring that HOOPS Supports
  • Convert the wrl file to a HOOPS SCZ file using the HOOPS Converter
  • Using HOOPS Converter, create a shattered SCZ file of the original assembly and the results.

Looking back I would not create a shattered SCZ because it adds unnecessary complexity. Instead, load the converted file using model.loadSubtreeFromModel() and turn on and off it’s node visibility as needed.

This model was created using the stream cache authoring library, a C++ tool that programmatically builds up a model. We had the part’s tessellation and results data as CSV files and combined them into one model. I’ve updated the GitHub repo to include the authoring code.

What is your solution? We want to hear from you.

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